Modern Tools for Housing – Programme Week Notes 21/01/22

Modern Tools for Housing – Programme Week Notes 21/01/22

A short one this time as it’s already a few days late and I’m keen to get it out the door. I was distracted by GovCamp for a couple of days (all session notes available here) but now it’s back into the swing of things. News from our workstreams.

Finance – Silvia – HackIT workstream DM

  • Celebrations:
    • Great progress has been made in our Programme Strategy and Planning meetings, with the Amido handover arranged for next week. 
    • PEN testing started at the beginning of this week
  • Challenges:
    • Additional effort is needed to ensure that all solutions (APIs and frontend) are adequately documented.  This will aid in sharing understanding of architecture, implementation, and approaches to problems needed to be solved.

Manage My Home – Yvonne – HackIT workstream DM

  • Celebrations:
    • Handover between Amido and Nudge
  • Challenges:
    • Lack of clarity in what roles we will have in the team. 
    • Lack of clarity on when those roles will be available to star. 

Repairs – Sarah – HackIT workstream DM

  • Celebrations:
    • Mobile onboarding continues to go well
    • Initial discussions regarding syncing voids into RH have kicked off to a positive start
    • Resident interviews to support our follow on research
    • Challenges:
    • Bugs causing stress with users, and tensions with the team.
    • Uncertainty on the shape of the new team

The biggest piece of news this week is that we’ve split our existing Finance team into separate workstreams for the new Housing Finance System and Managed Arreats. We’ve done this to reduce the amount of context switching for team members and to channel our focus into reestablished our Agile sprints so that we can manage our mixture of defect fixing and new feature work.

We’ve agreed the shape of the new team for Manage My Home and team members should start being added this week.

We have a meeting coming up soon to agree on the shape of the long-running HackIT-staff-only Repairs product team. Once that’s done we can start moving into the recruiting process (aided by our agency partner Nudge).

There’s a lot of discussion about reshaping the programme and confirming our ways of working now we’re moving from three agency partners to one and how that can fit into the long-term HackIT 3.0 transformation. Hopefully I’ll be able to report more on that soon.

The oft-mentioned in here but not-yet-done Blue Sky Days designed to refocus the programme from replacing Universal Housing to what we can really do with our new broad service should have the first session in the calendar by the end of the week.

So – nothing on fire at the moment but, as ever, much going on including lots of new starters joining the team with what, I’m sure, loads of great ideas on how we can improve things.

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