Modern Tools for Housing – Programme Week Notes 19/11/21

Some fantastic demos this week, and a great workshop on future governance for the programme.. The current Digital Marketplace tender is attracting a number of applications and we ran a demo for potential suppliers so that they could see what we’ve done so far. Here’s the updates from our workstreams.

Finance – Jay – HackIT workstream DM

  • Next Show and Tell: 23rd November 2021
  • Celebrations:
    • Great progress has been made with a MAA Rules Engine concept
    • PTX testing environment is now set up
  • Challenges:
    • MAA Bugs and issues
    • Hackney dev resource (still a significant challenge which we’re focussing on solving)

Manage My Home – Yvonne – HackIT workstream DM

  • Celebrations:
  • Repairs Hub integration is almost ready – this is a great addition to the product which will make it much easier for housing officers and others to see the whole picture for residents. It’s not quite live yet as we need to finalise the  Google group permissions) 
  • Ever more progress towards building our first process
  • Humairaa’s great work on Patches API
  • Concerns:
    • Amido contract is ending soon so we need to spend time making sure we’ve got everything documented and a plan for what happens next

Repairs – Sarah – HackIT workstream DM

  • Celebrations
    • Building relationships with operatives/ supervisors as we continue to oversee onboarding at the DLO
    • Reporting available for bonus calculation
    • Time booked in with Advanced to address the issue with the sync issue with DRS
  • Challenges
    • Sync with DRS, we’ve increased this to every 15 minutes but we’re still not picking up certain changes from within DRS meaning some jobs are missing from the operative job list (though they still have the printed jobs so the jobs are still going ahead)
    • Solving the issue with the operative job splits

This weeknote is after a short gap as I was away in the Scottish Highlands last week. A tremendous amount of great work has been achieved in the last two weeks.

The key programme level news is that we have clarity on what’s next in terms of budget. This enables us to focus on moving through our roadmaps for the next few months – especially starting to look towards focusing on resident use of MTFH.

We’ve been gratified to see a number of applications for our current tender on the Digital Marketplace. The tender closes on Tuesday and we will be announcing the shortlist of five going to the proposal submission very shortly afterwards.

It was excellent to watch the show and tell for Manage My Home and see the repairs information for properties now being displayed along with hearing about the proposals for the service’s process engine and seeing the wireframes for the new work tray. It also blew me away to hear that in the ongoing process redesign work some processes have had their number of steps cut by nearly 50%. This will really enable our Housing Officers to spend more time with our most vulnerable residents. 

Manage Arrears continues to be used across the whole of the Rents team and as increasingly large amounts of the automation functionality is switched on this is enabling Rent Officers to spend less of their time on IT admin tasks and more on the strategy of which residents to target and how to work with them.

We are shortly going to be looking for a senior .NET contractor to come and work with us in the MTFH Finance workstream. If you know of anyone who is available and may be interested please drop me a line at

Despite the ongoing technical integration issues the Repairs team are still working diligently onsite with the DLO operatives and steadily continue to increase both the number of users and the functionality they have via mobile working.

We’re still closely monitoring the integration points our workstreams have with each other and with other teams in HackIT. In particular we’re conscious of the possibility of MMH being blocked on delivering the first Housing processes by issues integrating with our Document Store service. We’ll be picking that up again at the start of next week.

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