What a week for learning

Week ending 11/10/2019

From embarking on a journey to uncover the best value technology for network core switches, to understanding the audit for the desktop port density in Hackney office sites.

The discovery of new technology took the shape of another workshop lab test session hosted by the ‘Open Compute’ vendor. The lab test consisted of a brief presentation showcasing the Open Compute network capabilities, followed by a workshop session in which our engineers were given access to a virtual staged environment giving them the opportunity to carry out a range of networked related stress test and any other common problems which they may typically encounter within our network environment in order to establish if the ‘Open Compute’ network solution will be able to adapt and indeed surpass our network needs.

What we aim to deliver

The primary deliverables for the team in SPRINT 14 will be the audit for the port density, finalising and shortlisting the discovery to core and distribution level network vendor options, first drafts of firewall design and to begin mapping and streamlining the procurement steps for this project. 

What we have found challenging

Cisco vendor solution: Currently the one thing we are finding challenging is organising Cisco test lab. They tend to want to steer the direction of our requirements. I put this down to a legacy vendor relationships in which we have been lead by the vendor.

Procurement Process: We are currently experiencing a bit of back and forth in the procurement process. Our current bottleneck is the internal legal department who are currently in receipt of a vendor agreement pending approval. No clear indication of the turnaround.

Next Steps

  • Organise the Cisco test lab
  • Complete the port density audit
  • Hash out the mapping doc for the procurement steps

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