Weeknotes Licensing a Rented Property w.c. 22/4/2019

Inspection App

The Property Licencing Inspection App has now been approved by Apple :).

Apple have approved Metastreet’s App with a recommendation that some adjustments are made to the App’s logging in process.

Although the App is in the Apple Store and ready for use, I have asked Metastreet to implement the recommended changes before handing it over to the PSH team for use. The improvements will enhance users experience as officers will be able to;

1. Use the same credentials to access both the new App and the Property Licencing software. This will eliminate the need for them to set up and use two different email addresses for access.

2. Access both the front and back end of the system without restrictions. This will enable them to complete their tasks seamlessly.

Metastreet will be making the above adjustments this sprint and officers will be able to use the App in production late next week.

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