Weeknotes: Licensing a Rented Property

w/c 29/4/2019
Project: Property Licencing Software Metastreet

Inspection App

Last week, I mentioned that Apple had approved Metastreet’s App with a recommendation that some adjustments were made to the App’s logging in process. These adjustments have now been completed and the App is ready for use.

The PSH Team have a plan in place to roll out the Inspection App. The plan includes;
*Setting inspection officers up on the App
*Officer briefings on the App and demos
*Officers being reminded that it is a ‘Live’ App
*Providing officers with post Live support
*The first inspection is due to take place in two weeks (due to Officers leave).

Most of the above has been completed and we now look forward to hearing the team’s feedback following their first few live inspections.

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