Weeknote: Hackney Spacebank, w/c 8th July 2019

It’s a bumper edition weeknote from the Spacebank camp!

Here’s the key things you need to know:

Community halls discovery phase

We started the discovery phase for the community halls work this week. In brief, our aims are to understand:

  • who are user groups are, including internal users
  • the needs of our users, including internal users
  • the current end to end journeys of our user groups
  • the current business process for community halls bookings and access

We are excited to be working closely with colleagues from housing, in particular Sara, Coralie and Gilbert. Our work will be contributing to the community halls review – it’s great to working strategically with the service, collaborating from the outset and learning together. On Wednesday, the team spent the day visiting some of the community halls in the borough. 

For those interested in agile type things, we are experimenting with a kanban approach to delivery. This is instead of time boxed periods of work, known as sprints in a scrum approach. We hope this will give the team more flexibility to explore themes and deal with unknowns (of which there are many). We’ll refine the backlog every week, have retros every 2-3 weeks and regular feedback sessions (also known as show and tells). 

Prototype phase service assessment

We completed this at the end of June. For details, check out our Trello board and assessor report. I also wrote a blog about our experience of preparing and participating in the assessment. 

I’m pleased to say that we had excellent feedback from the assessors. We will be taking forward their recommendations in our upcoming build phase. Speaking of which…

Build phase: library booking system
We are bottoming out our team requirements and budget. I hope to finalise things in the next week or so. We are linking up with West Berkshire and Hertfordshire as they are working on booking systems to share learning and to explore whether there is potential for further collaboration. 

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