Weeknotes: Manage Arrears w.c. 29/4/2019

Project: Manage Arrears
Written by Guy Whitfield

This week has been busy for the Manage Arrears team. The developers are concluding their work on Phase Two. This leads us up to releasing the new ‘Bulk sending’ feature for Leasehold Services. Training sessions with the IC team have taken place this week and will continue next week.

Nick Prince is carrying out a cleanup exercise to tidy up addresses in Universal Housing (UH). His aim is to finish this task be next week.


*We managed to raise our burn rate from an average of none tasks per week to 13 – the team have been on it!
*We have met our deadline to supply a bulk sending tool for the Service Charge team to send letters 1 and 2.

Next week

*We will look to start planning and roadmap sessions for Phase three.
*Elaine Geeves will work with David Cassidy to run the first 10 Arrears letters through to production.
*We will look to assess creation of User Guides for the Manage Arrears team.
*Soraya and Guy will be meeting with the P.O. (Femi) to give him a project update.
*Nick Prince will finish address clean up in UH allowing Leasehold Service Officers to use the system to run their arrears letters.

Stars of the week

A huge thanks to the team for work carried out this week in getting Phase Two built and, a sad goodbye to the developers for now as we enter planning for Phase 3.

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