Virtual Council Meetings: Weeknote, w/c 14.04.2020

We’ve had a packed week. 

Test, show, practice, repeat is my new mantra. With elected members and officers involved in upcoming meetings we:

  • Do a tech check (Test)
  • Give a “tour” of Google Meet features (Show)
  • We try out features together (Practise)
  • We role play a committee meeting (Practise)
  • Tech check with registered speakers (Test)

It sounds like a lot. It is a lot. It really pays off. I can see confidence levels increasing as we support people through the learning curve. My job is to bore people to tears – so that Google Meet starts to feel like second nature. Boring has never been so good! It’s helping to lower anxiety levels and manage pre-meeting nerves. 

We turned around a “public access options paper” (I know, catchy title) in 24 hours this week. This isn’t a decision that could be taken at team level and needed to be escalated. The paper pulled together our current thinking and helped senior stakeholders make a decision about how we maintain public access to council meetings. Ultimately, we are working towards live streaming but from a standing start it is going to take 1 or 2 weeks to get up and running. In the meantime, we are delivering a couple of interim measures – or MVP in digital speak. 

I’m really pleased we’ve got buy in for our staged approach to public access. We’re now in a position to put some external comms about what we’re doing. 

Things we know about next week*

We have an audit sub committee, planning sub committee and a Cabinet meeting coming up on Wednesday and Thursday. We also need to start some work to support upcoming commission meetings. I suspect they are different user needs around participation and we need to understand these much better. 

We are going to be testing live streaming next week. Ollie and I need to stand up a team for this. Pace is critical here. We are going to work in short sprints and I suspect we’ll need a couple of spikes if I can get the team working synchronously.* 

People and things I am grateful for:

  • The diligence of Natalie and the planning team
  • My colleague Mario for his calm and considered approach when solving tech issues
  • Tess for her pragmatism and Teflon resilience 
  • Louise for her energy and proactivity (and her lovely Labrador who makes guest appearances on our hangouts) 
  • Connecting with Kingston and Sutton Council re. live streaming 

*It changes a lot!

**Everyone is working on more than one thing

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