Verification Hub: Weeknotes 15/05/19

We’ve been working this week on the spec for the development required from Farthest Gate to bring the Verification Hub in to the parking permit verification process in Liberator. In the first instance, it’ll be (after testing in the test environment) put in front of the existing verification steps including the current Citizen Index. This means we can watch how the VH performs and tweak our matching rules without creating any unnecessary extra effort for either residents or parking staff. We’re still not sure when Farthest Gate will be able to prioritise the work so we may have to consider pausing the project until we get the work scheduled in.

Matthew Keyworth and Tom Clark have managed to successfully connect and authenticate the API to the new ClearCore 5 web service but are still working through the search, possibly because some field names have changed between version 4 and 5.

Steve Farr continues to work to automate and clean up Housing Benefits and housing tenant data to bring it into the VH hub. Our testing has shown we’re already hitting around 57% verification based on Council Tax alone and we’re confident that the inclusion of these data sets will push that up considerably.

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