Verification Hub: Weeknotes 04/06/19

Verification Hub has been suffering slightly in recent weeks from competing priorities and leave commitments across our part-time project team. We’re approaching a point where we can start live testing the VH in front of Citizen Index in the parking verification process so we’re redoubling efforts to get to that point by the end of June.

Our focus this week has been on establishing the key steps to get to live testing over our next 2 sprints. Farthest Gate are working at the moment to connect with our new API and Tom is working with InfoShare to get ClearCore 5 deployed in our live environment. Steve continues to work on the feed of Housing Benefit data and will be prioritising the daily feeds of both HB and Council Tax data over the next sprint. After that, we’re reliant on Matt to make sure that our new API is connected to ClearCore version 5 and deploy it into the production AWS environment. Then it’s all about watching how VH performs in the live environment so we can’t start tweaking and testing our data inputs and thresholds…

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