Verification Hub: Weeknotes 03/07/19

Last week, with lots of pushing from Tom (plus some 5:30am testing) and a hefty amount of support from Phil, Rasit and Lindsay, Farthest Gate deployed the Verification Hub in the live Liberator environment. Tom’s testing proved it hadn’t caused any problems with the permit application process itself but for now VH remains switched off…essentially this means Farthest Gate are lined up to flip the switch to on, just as soon as we iron out some new problems…

The main thing we’re trying to solve (beyond the project team’s availability having hit leave season!) are some problems we’ve encountered with the VH API. We had previously been testing against ClearCore v4 but have since been upgrade to v5 which is setup with SSL certificates over HTTPS and requires authentication, which wasn’t the case before. It’s much more secure but means we now need to develop our API to call the ClearCore service using credentials.

Unfortunately .Net Core doesn’t currently provide the necessary libraries to easily connect to a SOAP web service over HTTPS using credentials.  Matt and Farthest Gate confirmed this as an issue and agreed with Matt’s two options of either generating our own SOAP requests or switching to the .Net Framework. Matt felt that there was too much scope for potential issues when generating our own SOAP requests which means he now needs to build a new API project in the .Net framework and move the code over. This will involve rebuilding but hopefully not too much rewriting.

At this point we’re hoping Matt will be able to focus on the changes over the next week by which time, Steve will be back with us and able to move housing benefits data into the VH data core to expand out what we’re verifying against. Charlene, our optimistic and very supportive product owner, continues to marshal us towards pressing the on button in the next 2 weeks so we can sit back and watch how it performs IRL.

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