Hackney Spacebank: Weeknote, w/c 19th August 2019

A highlight from this week has been our feedback session with the community halls team and stakeholders. In agile parlance this is a “show and tell”. We are experimenting with naming it differently to see if it encourages wider participation. 

Our key aims were to:

  • Playback what we’ve learnt from our user research so far
  • Gather feedback on the findings
  • Identify where we might have gaps in our emerging learning

We wanted to create an environment where attendees would feel comfortable and able to contribute. We jumped on a bus and headed to Stamford Hill where the community halls team are based. We left our agile paraphernalia* behind. Instead we used flip chart paper and some simple feedback forms** to generate discussion. Naturally, we provided snacks: sweet, salty and healthy to cover a range of preferences 🙂 

We knew we would be parroting some information back to the team they already knew. We wanted to test their reaction and sense check our understanding. This included:

  • Communication with bookers is largely over the phone, this is quicker than using email
  • Gaining access to halls often relies on a third party
  • The booking process can be challenging for bookers and administrators

The response*** was reassuring – we are on the right track. Crucially, we wanted to understand where the gaps in our research might be. The team helped us identify the following areas:

  • Free use/ priority policy for residents
  • Understand what happens in the 2 week notice period
  • Council payment process

In the next feedback session on 4th September, we’ll be presenting some hypotheses based on alleviating pain points for community hall bookers and the team. 

*Postit notes and sharpies

**From the excellent Seeds of Change facilitation handbook

*** There was good challenge too