Hackney Spacebank: weeknote, w/c 22.11.2019

Cartoon of Mickey Mouse slicing a cake into equal size pieces and putting the slices onto plates

Three things you need to know about Spacebank this week:

Starting our build

Over the summer and autumn, we paused our work with libraries. We did three things:

  • Completed a discovery about community halls, supporting a wider review of looking into utilisation and asset management
  • Secured some funding
  • Procured a “custom off the shelf” (COTS) scheduling tool – a white label API

We are ready to start working with the library service again to implement the API and configure a user interface based on the prototype wireframes. These will need some re-designing to reflect our new digital brand and component library. 

A slice of cake

Everyone loves cake. It’s also a useful analogy for working vertically – adding a little bit of value to our users each every two weeks. This sprint, we working with the comms team to re-design the information on our website about meeting rooms available for hire in our libraries. We going to put this “in the wild” and monitor how users engage with the content. It’s a small step, achievable in two weeks. 

People and skills

As always, the biggest risk in this project is the capacity of the team. We are a couple of roles down at the moment. This is weighing heavily on my mind and much of my time is focused on recruitment.