Swings & Roundabouts Week notes 04/10

Swings & Roundabouts

At the start of this week, my team seemed optimistic and keen to deliver on the forthcoming SPRINT, which we were all keen to make a start on. The team sat down with the product owner and had a very productive SPRINT, planning session. After sizing up each task by order of complexity using a story point system. (More on story points and their benefits in future posts.) As a team, we were equipped with our newly found individual superpowers in hand and ready to tackle the challenge that was identified as “SPRINT 13”.

The first day in the 2nd week of SPRINT 13 looked great but by day 2 and 3, emergency service desk calls resulted in half of my team being pulled off the project which ultimately had an impact on our outputs for the closing week of the SPRINT 13.

What did we deliver
Despite the limited resource availability, in the sense of team members, the team did manage to pick up some momentum and make a start on some tasks which we had agreed to deliver. Unfortunately, the tasks we were unable to deliver on will be rolled over into the next SPRINT.

Despite the challenges we successfully completed RFQ cabling for delegated sites. We have begun developing and designing a firewall for the data center satellite site campus network, as well as the design for the data center connectivity.

What did we find challenging
This phase in the project lifecycle is strongly based on procurement. We are currently having some challenges understanding the steps for procurement approval for some of our new vendors, which has caused some slight delays in costing approval turnaround. Unfortunatley the team hadn’t really factored in this constraint in their planning.

How do we plan to overcome the challenge
The team has agreed that one of the key focuses for the next upcoming SPRINT will be to fully map out, document, then cross-check for approval the relevant stakeholders on the correct steps for new vendor procurement. This should prove to be not only helpful to the team but the business as a whole.

Next Steps

  • Map out the procurement process
  • Look into solutions on how we can plan better in the unfortunate instance when team members are pulled into emergency engineers’ cover. (This will be hashed out in the next team Retro)
  • Prep for the next team Retro
  • Organise and plan the VOIP desktop audit
  • Kick-off SPRINT 14
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