Week Notes Ending 20/09/2019

I sometimes ask myself, “If I was able to have one superpower what would it be?” Funny how I always find myself wanting to be able to control time and weather. What does this have to do with my weekly review I hear you ask? I posed the same question to the Web first team to find out, in an inspired superhero way, each project team member’s superhero strengths. (After all, you never know when you might need a superhero to rescue) The concept tied in nicely with the superhero-themed Retro.

Highlight of the week
The team retro was the highlight of this week. As a team, we unpacked some hidden truths which needed to be surfaced for us to acknowledge, understand, build and progress.

Objectives for next week
We have clearly defined goals courtesy of our sprint planning session some of which to mention
– Finishing off requirements for gov wifi & gov roam
– Completion of switch testing

Special Thanks!
Special thanks to my team this week for being so awesome! Thanks for trusting the process, eventually we will build on trusting the person.
Finally a big thank you to the ‘Storm Trooper’ who rocked up just as things were about to become worthy of a ‘Kleenex’ advert with group hugs to match. This whole week has helped me understand the team dynamic and superhero strengths quite early in the project lifecycle.
Like a said, you never know when you might need a superhero to aid and rescue.

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