Summer in Hackney web map prototype: Weeknotes 01/07/19

We’ve had it in the back of our minds to revisit the technology and presentation options for map.Hackney for a while, in particular, to make it more accessible and mobile friendly. The Re-engineering Hackney Content project has provided the impetus we needed to test out a new thematic approach to redesigning map.Hackney, with the added fun of super short timescales (4 weeks) and a very assertive product owner (Susan M-L).

Our project aim: to deliver a web map that enables residents to view topical services that are useful to them; is web friendly and meets GDS accessibility standards.

Last week we:

  • Developed user stories and reviewed the range of mapping layers we’re currently offering through map.Hackney
  • Agreed to test an approach where we present a map based on a theme (we’ve selected summer in Hackney) rather than a service by service approach. This means that rather than a map that shows you all the parks and open spaces across all of Hackney and related info, we’ll present a range of layers (water fountains, adventure playgrounds, the Hackney carnival route) meeting a specific theme or activity (having a picnic, playing, going out etc). 
  • Developed a prototype with a new base map, that’s starting to incorporate some layers by theme

This week we’ll be:

  • Carrying out user research in Hackney Central and some libraries and open spaces to understand what users need from a summer in Hackney map – Wing has helpfully designed up a google form for us to record feedback
  • Developing the prototype further with improved design based on UI toolkit
  • Knowledge transfer with Mo and Carolina providing some advice and support to Sandrine and Marta to develop the design elements of the prototype

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