Submit My Planning Applications – Week commencing 26/08/2019

Welcome to Submit My Planning Application weeknotes. 

For more general updates, continue to check our project site; showing all the great stuff we’re doing and key information about the project. Alongside the project site, also be sure to check out our blog post


A big thank you to Andy E for all the work he’s done with us on this project as well as here at Hackney. He’s been a huge asset for us and he will be missed. We hope the best for him and the rest of his career!

What we did this week:

  • We’re addressing bugs identified from the QA test run
  • We made a lot of copy updates to improve readability and correct typos
  • The verification process for when a user comes to use the service via the account creation email has been tested and it works! 
  • We’ve been testing the ‘review’ feature for when a user wants to check the answers they’ve submitted 
  • Testing and updating templates for the emails sent for when a user submits an application  
  • Requested for the chosen URL to be set up by the infrastructure team so we can access the front end service through it
  • We did a lot of content checking

What’s next:

  • Planning our launch at PlanTech week (19th September 2019)
  • Finish off fixing bugs 
  • Deploy onto Hackney’s infrastructure 

What are we keeping an eye on?

  • Integrating with Tascomi 


  • None this week!

Thanks for reading!

Planning Applications Team

(AKA Emma H, Andy B, Andy E, Ana, Mathew T, Nic and Hidayat).

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