Submit My Planning Application weeknotes – Week commencing 22/07/2019

Welcome to Submit my Planning Application weeknotes. 

For more general updates, continue to check our project site; showing all the great stuff we’re doing and key information about the project. Alongside the project site, also be sure to check out our blog post. 


A thank you to Cecilia from Planning for spending time discussing how payments are reconciled with Planning Portal.

What we did this week:

  • We’ve completed the Privacy Impact Assessment Screening Questions for using the Analytic Tool, Woopra and received feedback for the Information Management Team. We now need to complete the Screening Questions for the whole service to give a holistic picture of what we’re trying to achieve.
  • We’ve been cracking on with the Service Assessment Trello board, to ensure all information is visualized in the best way 
  • We’ve planned on how we’ll deliver our findings for the Service Assessment  
  • Worked on general testing such as, any timeout sessions and Error 404 
  • Progressed on storing the correct documents against each application, we’ve connected the front end from the back end and now we’re implementing the location plan page, alongside other supporting documentation 
  • Fixing bugs on the Location plan 
  • Hactar have started the build for the Integration with GOV.UK Pay. We’ve met with those in the Planning Team who are responsible for reconciliation of payments from Planning Portal to ensure we understand how we’re going to reconcile the payments from SMPA.
  • We’re revisiting copy for transactional emails to make them more specific and aligned to our brand 

What’s next:

  • Continuing with working on how we’re gathering the metrics; using either Woopra or another option 
  • Working on how to store supporting documentation that’s supplied via SMPA on Hackney infrastructure so that Hackney can manage that data 
  • Our Service Assessment is next week! 
  • We’re progressing with the Privacy Impact Assessment for the whole project as well as for Woopra but we’re waiting on 
  • Implementing the integration of govUK>Notify 

What are we keeping an eye on?

  • Integrating with Tascomi 
  • Address API 


  • We will decide to use Woopra for analytics but it’s dependent on the outcome of the Privacy Impact Assessment  

Thanks for reading!

Planning Applications Team

(AKA Emma H, Andy B, Andy E, Ana, Mathew T, Nic and Hidayat).

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