Single View weeknotes: Week commencing 2nd Feb 2020

Sprint 2

The Project

Single view enables staff to see at a glance the complete history of a customers interactions, reducing the time spent gathering information across multiple systems and the likelihood of errors.

Highlights of this week

Alpha Service Standard Assessment

This week +Paul Tyler, Joy Suthigoseeya and Mirela Georgieva assessed our Single View Alpha against the 14 GDS standards. Scott Shirbin, Elle Tweedy, Ben Pirt and Glyn Ashman did an excellent job in demonstrating and evidencing how the criteria were met. The team achieved 12 Fully Mets and 2 Partially Mets. Many practical recommendations came out of the assessment which we will take forward as we move into the Beta Phase. One of the recommendations included sharing how Single View was built with the wider ICT team, as there are many reusable and interesting aspects to it such as display UH documents.

The two partially Mets were related to documenting a plan for accessibility testing and not clearly demonstrating how we’d measured success from the end-users perspective. The assessment will be published towards the end of next week.

More Single View users

Another great highlight of the week included an extra 17 users from the housing register team being successfully onboarded. Next, we are planning to prioritise the Benefits team. So far we have received a lot of positive feedback and users are looking forward to future features being added such as displaying Camino documents.

Staging Environment

Developers, Matt and Katrina have created a staging environment for Single View which means we now have a separate environment to test with. Fewer bugs are likely to be published into the LIVE system improving our users’ experience.

Next Week

  1. Elle and I will be doing a mini Accessibility Assessment on the existing prototype which will feed into improvements for the Single View Beta. We are aware of a few things like Popups which are not accessibility friendly. We will be using the HACKIT guide and Wave App to review more of the system on Wednesday to improve the design.
  2. I would like to improve the feedback loop for sharing resolved bugs with users. This week whilst onboarding the new team we found a few bugs with Single View and I would like to share the outcomes of issues raised by users to help maintain their confidence in the system and with the team.
  3. This week our Developers completed a Spike on displaying Camino documents and we are looking to implement it in production.

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