Single View Project weeknotes: wc. 27.01.2020

Sprint 1

The Project

The concept of this project is about providing a single view of customer data, enabling staff to build a better picture of a customer’s situation and inform decision-making. It is one of the workstreams which form part of a wider programme of works for Benefits and the Housing Needs service.

FutureGov and Made Tech have done a lot of user research and developed usable prototypes, ahead of me joining the team.

Using the single view, staff are able to see at a glance the complete history of a customers interactions, reducing the time spent gathering information across multiple systems and the likelihood of errors. It supports real-time collaboration between everyone working with a customer.

So far, the systems being used to create this display include; 

UHT, UHW, Comino, Jigsaw and Academy. Caseworkers can create a read-only Single View of a customer with all existing notes from across the 4 systems. It can even display UHW documents!

Single view is currently being piloted by the Housing Needs Complaints team. Over the next 14 weeks one of our goals is to move the Alpha into a Beta, and roll the system out to the rest of the Benefits and Housing Needs teams.

Last week, we onboarded two new developers onto the project +Maria and +Katrina. + Ben and +Matt have been bringing them upto speed with the code by addressing some of the technical debt cards.

Highlights of this week include:

  • We had a really great design workshop with +elle and the team on Wednesday. Elle brought along some design improvements and based on user feedback and the team contributions we came up with ideas on how best to iterate the single view.
  • +Glyn and I have been working on the Single View roll-out plan for Benefits and Housing needs. We are due to start with the Housing Register team which consists of a team of 14. Exciting times 🙂


My own personal challenge has been around time management and not being able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to on the project this week. Glyn our Product Owner and the developers have done a good job with getting on with the tasks which need to get done. 

Key activities next week 

  1. Setting up a staging environment for Single view 
  2. Single View Alpha Assessment 
  3. Next Show & Share, 10:30 5th February 2020, Kitchen Area, Pillar B, First Floor, Hackney Service Centre.
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