Single View for Housing week note : 26/6/20

Before I get into what we’ve been up to this week a quick heads-up that the name of this project may be changing. We’ll definitely still be doing week notes every week so continue to tune in to find out what we’ve been up to.

Currently we’re wrapping up the week-long discovery for this project and are getting ready to run our kick-off sessions on Monday and then to start running our first agile sprint later in the week.

Our multidisciplinary team has come together brilliantly despite never having worked with each other before. Everyone’s contributed a ton of new ideas and fed back on what the rest of the ream have been doing.

Amongst other things we’ve done the following.

  • Validated our existing user needs with our excellent user group and added a few things we’d missed out
  • Built a great initial architecture plan
  • Put together our high-level “epic” tasks in our team’s joint-owned backlog
  • Agreed how we’ll fund the work and put together the related business cases, roadmaps and contracts

One of the things we’re really keen to discuss next week is how an all-remote team of people who don’t know each other can start to form an efficiently working team.

Things are gaining steam on this project! We’re starting our one-week discovery on Monday and our multidisciplinary team is already coming together. So far we have a very active Slack channel but there’s been some suggestions of other things we might try.

  • A shared place to record our semi-formed thoughts as we go along – perhaps in Ideaflip
  • A continuously open Google Meet room that the team can dip in and out of
  • Regular end-of-the-day meetings to talk about non-work things so we can get to know each other

If you have some suggestions of things you’ve done previously for this please let us know.

Onward to full project-start!

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