Single View for Housing week note : 19/6/20

For a quick intro to this project please read last week’s week notes.

Things are gaining steam on this project! We’re starting our one-week discovery on Monday and our multidisciplinary team is already coming together. So far we have:

  • Product Owner : Owns the backlog of work
  • Delivery Manager : Supports the team to deliver the project
  • Service Designer / User Researcher : Works closely with out users to ensure we build the right thing
  • Tech Lead : Makes sure we’re building the right thing from a technical point of view
  • Two initial developers : For now planning out the required work and then cracking on with it after the discovery

In addition we’re also being supported by HackIT’s Relationship Management team, the PO of the previous iteration of Single View and a great user group of Housing Officers and Area Housing Managers.

Our project kick-off is on Monday morning. You can find the deck we’ll be using to facilitate the conversations here.

We’ll post the outcomes of the discovery in next week’s week notes and then it’s all go for starting to crack on with the delivery!

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