Sharing our work: Data Awareness Training Content

Over 1,000 of our staff have completed our mandatory Data Awareness training so far, and we are aiming to reach 100% compliance by the end of the roll-out. One of our aims of the project was to share our work, so here are our reflections and the content itself.

In preparation for GDPR, we asked:

How might we:

  • … equip our staff to fulfill their responsibilities to keep our resident and staff data safe, and to handle it lawfully.
  • …equip our decision makers to make decisions about data with an understanding of the law.
  • …support people working on behalf of Hackney who don’t have access to training budgets eg. foster carers.
  • …support people in our communities with data protection responsibilities that don’t have access to training eg. scout leaders.
  • …give other organisations the chance to use our content instead of spending their own time and effort on creating something similar.

We talked to several specialists agencies about how they could help, and selected Helpful Digital to work with us on development of the content. We decided to use their Digital Action Plan – their personalised, digital skills programme to help groups develop the confidence and skills to use digital tools at work.

How did we develop the content?

We kicked off with a workshop with Helpful Digital and staff from our Information Management and Information Security teams. We decided to develop one plan for people handling data, and one plan for people making decisions about data. We started by producing Hackney-specific content that referenced our policies and procedures.

The content took some time to refine – we wanted to make sure that it contained useful practical advice rather than regurgitating the law. The Council deliver such a vast range of services that it was a challenge to find examples that would be applicable to everyone. After our first draft we were lucky enough to have willing volunteers from across the Council to test out the content. Getting some extras eyes and perspectives on it helped us to identify the changes needed in the next iteration.

What next?

  • We will remove the references to Hackney Council policies and procedures, to produce equivalent plans for non-Hackney users.
  • We will adapt the decision-maker’s plan to to include scenarios specific to our Councillors.
  • We will plan for our annual refresher, thinking ahead about how we adapt content to support this.

How can you use this content?

You are free to use this content however you will find it useful. You might keep it in document form, but could also choose to move the content into your own Learning Management System. Another option is to use Helpful Digital’s Digital Action Plan platform with our content at a small cost – you can read more about this option here.

The Content:

We have published the content on GitHub here.

  • Content for people handling data is called ‘Beginner’ and marked 1-5.
  • Content for people making decisions about data is called ‘Intermediate’ and is marked 1-5.
  • There is a final quiz for all levels of plan.

Some of our post-it note ideas in the early stages of creating the content:

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