SCRUMS the word

Network Redesign Weeknotes Week ending 06/03

The Six Nations is arguably one of the most important sporting events in the world of rugby to get your SCRUM right. What makes a good SCRUM? To be honest, there is no one way of making a good SCRUM. Some nations put their biggest players on the frontline to block the relentless drive from the opposition. Others like to have their strongest players at the back to push forward and leverage that momentum. All this effort and strategy just to get a ball over the line. One thing that’s for sure, in rugby a ball never gets over the line without an extra push. 

SCRUMS the word

A lot of the Hackney ICT world is constantly hearing how the teams are becoming more Agile, but what does that mean for a network engineer? And how can that translate into something tangible. One way or another the daily standup or SCRUM as its called in the world of Agile has now become a recognised calendar feature in every engineer’s day and its one-way teams can understand the realtime progress of a project while it is in mid SPRINT. 

The daily SCRUM has become one Agile working practice which has helped our ‘Network redesign‘ team identify and quickly adapt to resolve issues. As I mentioned every SCRUM stand up has its own flavour and there is no right or wrong approach, but just like any of the rugby teams of the Six Nations the key is to remain Agile, adapt and you will get your goal over the line!

What we Delivered

Core switches purchasing for our new database center

We have finally reached the stage in our understanding of the requirements and detailed analysis, that we have now proceeded to order a number of switches for the new database design. Although the network redesign and the database relocation are two different projects, they are both dependent on each other; as the research and analysis conducted by our engineers regarding which of the best performing switches would be best suited for our new requirements and architecture, has been the basis for the final decision towards the purchasing of the core switches for the data center. This being the Aruba Wireless Network – Aruba 6300M.

Site cable upgrade installation 

This is still in flight – out of the 9 sites which were targeted to complete the cable upgrade, we have managed to successfully complete over half of the sites with just under a quarter still outstanding. We are aiming to have these completed before the end of April and we seem on course to achieve this.

Procurement of new networking equipment Business Case 

We have been working tirelessly in the background to pull together a comprehensive study of what we feel is the best recommendation from our understanding of the current network capability and future aspirations. This fully comprehensive report will provide a detailed analysis of the financial forecast, taking on board the cost implications of purchasing our recommended solution, implementation compatibility, and maintenance and training. It will also provide further analysis on the other vendor solutions which were considered and a justification as to why these were concluded to not be the right fit for our overall requirements.



We are currently experiencing some issues with the setting up of the firewall testing staging environment. We were unable to set up an environment that will enable us to test the vendor solutions against our requirements. This is something we are currently trying to resolve


Around this time as we approach the close of the financial year, we have team members who have taken leave so this has impacted our productivity. The aim is to pick this up on the return of some of the team’s key members. 

Next Steps

  • Present the business case to our senior team stakeholders
  • Continue the works on the site cable installations to meet our end of April deadline
  • Resolve the Firewall issues regarding the staging environment

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