Report a Problem Weeknotes : week ending: 2020-03-13

A picture saying “GeoAsset”.


We did another show and tell.

A video of the latest Report a Problem show and tell.

We’re having great conversations with mySociety about how we can synchronise our geo-assets. This is so that all the location data we have on things like street-lights can appear on FixMyStreet.

mySociety is going to be doing a live demo and discussion of the clickable prototype created after our noise nuisance workshop. We’re looking forward to feedback on this from our service area colleagues so that it can be iterated before becoming part of FixMyStreet.

We’re starting to plan how we’re going to spread the good news about FixMyStreet. We’re working with both internal and external Comms teams about how we can let staff and residents know about the Report a Problem service.

We’re looking forward to the FixMyStreet training next week. Staff from our Customer Contact Centre and the Apps Support team that will be taking over looking after FixMyStreet at the end of this project will be taking part.

We’re going to the mySociety FixMyStreet community meet-up. Our Apps Support folks are keen to take part..

We’re ticking off technical tasks. From the Alloy integration to sending emails via HackIT servers to ensure they look like they’re coming from the Council to automated security scanning to implementing staff single sign-on it’s all go!

We’re planning our user research. We’re keen to ensure that the issue categories and other parts of the service are the best they can be for our users.


It’s very important to check the details. See below about the surprise this week. HackIT should have already understood this situation.


Deciding which categories we’re going to go-live with. The slight surprise this week was discovering that FixMyStreet only routes category / sub-category combinations and not, as I’d thought, that in combination with the location of the issue. In Hackney different service areas may deal with the same category of issue, for example street-lighting, depending whether or not it’s part of one of our tenant resident estates.

However – instead of viewing this as a big issue we’re looking at it as a opportunity to discuss with mySociety how FixMyStreet might be extended to support this functionality.

Potential slight project delays. We need to keep an eye of when Alloy is going to be taken up by the Hackey Highways team and when mySociety will be able to deliver the staff single sign-on using HackITs G Suite.

We still need to start fully working with the Council service areas that will need to close issues manually on FixMyStreet. We’ve got full support for the head of Public Realm for this but we need to start working in detail with the individual teams.

Many moving parts. There’s a lot of moving parts to the project so sometimes it gets a little exhausting.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., Struan, David, Dave, Rasit, William, Ade, Sandrine and many others.

In particular I’d live to give a shout-out to Emma O. who is helping out by creating the first draft of the main Hackney website updates.


I’m away next week so the only big thing going ahead is the FixMyStreet training on the 18th.

The following week we have lots of things.

  • Share the first cut of the service design for the website update
  • Discuss how we’ll deliver on collecting our measure of success
  • Have our third show and tell

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