Report a Problem Weeknotes : week ending: 2020-03-06

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We’re very much looking forward to receiving clickable demo next week for the prototype of the extension to FixMyStreet for noise nuisance. Martin from mySociety has been doing a great job and we’re keen to share his work with our service area colleagues.

We’ve finish the Privacy Impact Statement. Nic from HackIT has worked with mySociety to make a few small changes to their Privacy Statement and now this is signed off.

We’re found a good way forward for the website updates. Emma Lewis made some impressively quick code updates to the site that mean that we can do the layout in the style we’d imagined. An initial version of this should be shareable with our Council Comms colleagues on the staging server next week.

Our work on service integrations is progressing well. We’re cracking on with the integration to Alloy but we’re also actively discussing Hackney OneAccount (so citizen users can use their Hackney website password for their account on FixMyStreet) and G Suite single-sign-on for Hackney staff users.

Our tech infrastructure folks are helping us out. We’re full steam ahead with our automated email integration (so emails sent by FixMyStreet will come from the Council email address) and regular automated cyber security scanning on the system.

We’re making good progress with our service area category mapping. This is where there isn’t a council casework system that can easily be integrated with FixMyStreet so issue are sent to a shared mailbox. Doing the full analysis for this (thanks Louise W.!) has pointed out a number of useful things such as the important of geolocation (issues raised on our tenant estates are often handled by different teams than those outside those areas) and things like should every issue raise in a park go to that park-manager specifically or a joint parks inbox?

We had a really good meeting to discuss how our newly defined success measures will be monitored after the service goes live. We have a great set of criteria – now we just need to know who will be compiling them.

We’re lining up the attendees for the FixMyStreet training taking place in two week’s time. Colleagues will be attending from our Customer Contact Centre and Applications Support team.

Speaking of our excellent Support team colleagues in HackIT – we’re full speed on organising the hand-over to that team after go-live. We’re having regular meetings and everything is on track.

Finally, we’re planning in our user research. We’re keen to put the system into the hands of real users ASAP to get feedback that allows us to iteratively improve the service. We’re looking forward to combining this with the noise nuisance clickable demo.


There’s a whole lot going on! Mastering the timeline is a bit of a juggling act with tech work, training, comms, content and many other areas all needing lining up. As ever, the key is really good communication with everyone. Having built a maser timeline of everything has really helped!


We still need to line things up with our Hackney service area colleagues. Part of the work mapping the FixMyStreet categories has been identifying the 14 internal teams that will be affected by the changes. We’re on a fairly tight timeline to bring them all into the project.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., Martin, Sam, Struan, David, Rasit, Wayne, William, Ade and Nic.


In the next week we will do the following.

  • Get initial feedback on the noise nuisance work
  • Plan our user research
  • Finish the first cut of the website service-design
  • Carry on with all of our tech integration
  • Run our next first show and tell!

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