Report a Problem Weeknotes : week ending: 2020-02-28

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I did the first show and tell for Report a Problem this week.

Things are going to plan – now that we have one! I finished the first integrated plan for all the teams involved in Report a Problem. There’s a lot of moving parts with a lot of dependencies.

Our integration with Alloy is full steam ahead. The Alloy team is working hard with mySociety and we’re progressing on time.

We’re booking people in for the FixMyStreet training course. This is now booked in for 18/3/20.

We’re going to spend a session working out how we can measure our success. We have plenty of thoughts – from a reduction in people calling our call centre to using user research to ensure the service is easy to use.

We on the way to moving RaP into Support. The Support team have agreed to support our Service Owner in continuously improving the service by looking at the ongoing measures of success.

We’re moving forward with the website updates. We’ve discovered we can leapfrog the development by copying what’s already been done for Hackney museums.

We’re looking into integrating the Hackney resident single-sign-on system On Account with Report a Problem. So residents only need to remember one username and password for everything related to the Council.


Show off what you’re doing as soon as possible. From doing the show and tell I received the suggestions of both using the technology from the museums website and the One Account login..


We still need to finish our FixMyStreet category mapping to Council service areas. This is so we can make sure issues are being routed to the right places.

We still need agreement from the affected service areas to “double close” issues. Teams will need to close issues in their existing case management tool and in FixMyStreet.

We still don’t know who is going to do the website development work. It’s been suggested that one of our apprentices that has already worked with WordPress would be idea so I’m looking into that.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., Martin, Sam, Struan, David, Rasit, Wayne, William, Ade and Nic.


In the next week we will do the following.

  • Checking with everyone that the timeline is correct
  • Speak to our apprentices about helping with the website
  • Carry on with all of our technical work and the privacy impact statement
  • Ensure the right people are booked on the training course

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