Report a Problem Weeknotes : week ending: 2020-02-14

A cartoon of a design workshop.


mySociety came to HackIT and ran a great workshop on noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour (ASB). We had nearly 15 people involved (including folks on Hangout) including representatives from HackIT, impacted Council service areas, mySociety and three other local authorities: Maidstone, Westminster and Greenwich. The session was excellent with lots of input from the representatives of the front-line staff who deal with these issue. mySociety is processing the outputs which they will share with the participants shortly before starting work on a prototype extension to FixMyStreet (FMS).

Our initial technical integration is progressing. The team is working hard to connect FMS to Alloy – the Council’s casework system for managing issues related to the borough’s highways. We have a timeline for this work now and it’s progressing well.

We have a plan on how we going to structure the conversation about ways of working changes for Council teams impacted by this work. We know that some teams are going to need to work differently – with an addition of needing to close tickets in FMS as well as in their current casework systems. We have a plan to demonstrate how little extra effort this will be and how we’ll work with them to manage the role out.

Our Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is nearly complete. Our Corporate Information Manager is chatting to mySociety about the standard FMS Privacy Statement but we don’t foresee any blockers for this.

We’re moving ahead with how the Hackney Customer Contact Centre. We’re working on training while they are putting together a list of “champions” to receive the training first and then cascade it later.

We’re ticking off technical tasks. We’ve already set up the web domain for Report a Problem (, are discussing automated cyber security scanning and are well into arranging for automated emails to come from Hackney rather than mySociety.

We’re planning our user research. We’re keen to ensure that the issue categories and other parts of the service are the best they can be for our users.


Being able to tick things off feels good! There’s a lot to do to bring FMS into Hackney and sometimes it feels a little overwhelming. Being able to get some quick wins like the domain, email setup and the PIA helps keep momentum going.


We’re short of a Service Designer. One of the things we want to do next is update the content of the Hackney website related to raising the kind of issues reported into FMS. At the moment HackIT doesn’t have any spare service designer capacity so that work will be done by someone else (and then checked later).


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., Struan, David, the folks working on the Alloy integration, the representatives from the Customer Contact Centre and everyone who came to the Noise and ASB workshop.


In the next week we will do the following.

  • Finalise the email setup, cyber security and PIA
  • Have our regular update meeting with the representatives from the Customer Contact Centre
  • Have our first meeting about user research
  • Do a first cut of the service design for the website update
  • Book a session to define our measure of success
  • Book in a first show and tell!
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