Report a Problem Weeknotes : week ending: 2020-02-07

A picture saying “Preparation is the key”.


The main thing this week has been preparing for next week’s workshop on reporting noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour (ASB). The key to this is ensuring we have a good idea of the outline structure of the time we have together and a good agreed set of expected outcomes. It’s important though to be relaxed as to how the session evolves – as long as we keep an eye on the time! We’ve got representatives coming from HackIT, Council service areas, mySociety and three other local authorities: Maidstone, Westminster and Greenwich.

We’ve signed-off the PO. This has made mySociety very happy and given us a solid foundation to work together.

We’re starting to find extra work that needs doing. This may sound like a bad thing but it’s actually a really good sign that we’re thinking deeply about the issues. It’s good to have these  things turn up now rather than for them to catch us by surprise later on. An example of this is how issues raised on the national FixMyStreet site will be routed to the Council service areas once our site is live – given that the reporting categories for the two will be different.

We’re about to change the design of how issues are reported via the Hackney website. We had a good initial meeting about this last week and are having a service design session on Monday. We’re hoping that by changing things for the existing user journeys, before we introduce FixMyStreet, we’ll have some analytics based evidence of the right way to do things when we do the integration.

The integration with the Highway team’s Alloy service is progressing nicely. The team at Hackney and the technical folks at mySociety have been working together regularly and now have a plan for the rest of the work.

We’ve nearly completed the Privacy Impact Assessment. This has turned out to be a much easier task than for some services as RaP actually stores very little personal data.


It’s good to ask questions. We weren’t planning to look into the reporting side of FixMyStreet for a while but a quick question has already caused some interesting discussions about the best way to extract useful data from the system.


There is a big open question of how service areas in the Council will need to change their ways of working when RaP is introduced. The issue is around having to also close open issues on RaP as well as in their existing systems (until they are integrated). We’ve not has as much contact with the impacted service areas as we would like so we need to decide the best way to do that – either individually or via the creation of a working group.

Bringing together the issue categories used by the Customer Contact Centre and the ones we’re using in RaP. We’ve not had sight of the ones used by our colleagues in the Contact Centre yet and are yet to understand how much they will need to adapt how they work when RaP is rolled out.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Louise H., Louise W., David E., Martin, Matthew and Rasit.


In the next week we will do the following.

  • Run the noise / ASB workshop and plan the next steps of that work
  • Website redesign for current issue reporting
  • Discussing how we can best work with our colleagues in impacted service areas in the Council
  • Understanding the set of issues use by the Contact Centre
  • Start planning out first show and tell!

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