Report a Problem : Week notes 10/7/20


We’re live! We’ve had a few niggles, as you’d expect, but the system is now being used by the Contact Centre and the public. We’ve still got some bits to do (see below) but this marks the end of the project to introduce FixMyStreet to Hackney so this will be the final project week notes. We’ll continue to do the occasional update when major things happen in relation to the service.

Our first multidisciplinary continuous improvement went really well. We have a new Trello board listing the things we’re currently working on to improve the service.


It’ll all come together in the end. There have been a few points in the project where we’ve struggled a bit to see how we’d reach our go-live point but slow and steady progression, keeping everyone with us along the way, gets us where we need to be.


Too many people to thank at this point but contributions from people in HackIT, mySociety and teams throughout the rest of the council have been invaluable.


Continue the continuous improvement work.

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