Report a Problem Week notes : 15/5/20


mySociety has restarted development on a number of things directly related to Hackney. These include staff single-sign-on, location-based-routing (so the same type of issue can be sent to different council teams depending on where it is) and the prototype of collecting information on noise nuisance.

We’ve still in the process of going through the excellent detailed feedback from the CCC staff. This has proved to be extremely useful in prompting some important conversations.


Don’t assume about technology. Some technical work we thought we be hard turns out to be easy and won’t take very long. Some that we thought would be easy – not so much.


We’re still finalising our issue category mappings. This is still proving tricky as we not only need to understand some quite intricate details of which council service area is responsible for what, but also line up the category list with new and existing council IT systems being used by service area teams and the contact centre.

We still need to have some potentially tricky conversations with some of our service areas. We still need to get agreement about Officers “double closing” issues (in their own case management systems and also FixMyStreet).

It’s still really difficult to find time to work on this. In particular we were hoping to have more work done on the Hackney website updates by now but that’s barely started.

We’re asking mySociety to work in new ways. Not really a difficulty, but asking for new ways of working has meant writing new code that may delay things slightly.


Our widely distributed team continues to do great work on this. Thanks to Matthew, Louise H., Louise W., David, Dave, Rasit, William, Ade, Sandrine, Sam and many others.


  • In our next regular meeting with mySociety we’ll be re-confirming the updated timeline
  • We’re discussing whether to keep the existing many separate meetings with different areas of the council about the different parts of the project or whether to start running regular multidisciplinary stands-ups

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