Replatforming My Rent Account – weeknotes, 9 September 2020

Early weeknotes this week, as I’m off for a few days after today. 

We’ve agreed to extend the project for a couple of weeks as everyone thinks it is a good idea to complete the API work while we have some momentum, rather than just doing the minimum and leaving someone else to pick it up in a year or two when something falls over. This should also mean that the whole platform should be more robust and stable for quite some time, reducing the need for colleagues in App Support to get involved. 

So on that front, Matt has completed the work to replace the calls made to the CRM API with three new endpoints in the MyRentAccount API. These fetch the account, account details, and whether the rent account is linked to OneAccount. We can’t test that these work as intended until Jayson has made the changes to the front end, and he’s currently designing the changes needed in close collaboration with Matt. 

There is still a fair bit of work to do on replacing the APIs. Next up, Matt needs to build new endpoints to replace the existing calls to the NCC Tenancy API, Transactions API, and CSSO API. These will take about a day each, plus time for Jayson to change the front-end. 

We also noticed over the last few days that the URL for the old service was still available to anyone who did a quick Google search – in fact, it was the second search result. We’ve put a redirect on that, and have asked the Website team to check it’s not available anywhere else. When the Outsystems service is finally shut down, we may have to check that the redirects are still in place. 

Because of the API work taking priority, the reporting work hasn’t moved on much. We’ve had a meeting with Mirela, who currently generates the monthly usage report manually, and the short extension should allow us to do this.

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