Repairs hub, weeknote 11/09

We’ve had some developer involvement this week which is super exciting! Evangelos joined us on Wednesday, to bring him up to speed we had a session with design to run over the contractor journey’s, the existing repairs hub, and what we’ve discussed in the previous tech workshops. Alex and Bukky our Hackney devs also came although officially won’t be on the project until next week, this was just a chance to give them a refresher and to meet with Evangelos.

We ran a co-design workshop and invited a few contractors that we had been speaking to in interviews to join us in coming up with some concepts for the improved workflow. We wanted to run a workshop like this to validate some of our thinking so far with our main users – contractors- as well as involve them directly in the creation of ideas that would help solve their current issues in their workflow.

There were some challenges in being remote – historically co-design sessions are held in person and ideas are sketched quickly on paper. Instead, here an online whiteboard tool was used to draw interfaces, which actually resulted in some great concepts, but took a bit longer to get everything up and running. Dawn, Boris and Lawrence were very patient, taking the time to give tutorials and ensure that everyone felt comfortable using the tools. The next step is to build on these ideas and conversations into a working prototype we can test.

Lindsey and I also attended the UH decommission steering group today. We presented an adaption of our show and tell slides discussing what we have so far discovered and future plans. The questions and suggestions that followed from that were really useful. It was also interesting to meet with other colleagues who are also working behind the scenes on the decommission work. Our relationship manager Jasmeen and Paul Fowler (comms) are working closely together ensuring the message on this work is reaching everyone in housing. Early engagement is really key to ensure we have buy-in from the people who will be directly using the new service, plus supporting that on a project level we are inviting as many people as possible to the fortnightly show and tells.


– Prototyping following on from the design workshop

– Prototype testing with contractors

– API analysis

– User interviews: Finance, Contractors: Axis, ELA, Alphatrack

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