Repairs hub – extension for contractors, weeknote 31/07/20

This week marks the start of the Repairs hub project – extension for contractors. The Repairs hub. initially launched in 2018, is a service that our repairs contact centre (RCC) agents use to log and manage repairs with our internal repairs team (DLO). Booking & managing repairs with external contractors however, is performed differently via Universal Housing, emails & phone calls.

Extending the existing service to allow agents to book and manage contractor repairs, we can better support our residents by:

  • Staff being able to view all the relevant facts and progress in relation to a repair carried out by a contractor.
  • Having a single view of the truth so that anyone who accesses this information has the same facts.
  • Providing managers with insight into the progress of repairs and contractor performance

We’re working in collaboration with the digital agency Unboxed, who developed the initial phases of the Repairs hub. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Unboxed, both in terms of technical excellence and their relationships with stakeholders which was abundantly clear from our first alignments session.

The rest of the team consists of our Hackney developer Alex Demetriou who has just finished working on the platform API project, with myself as DM, Lindsey Matthews as product owner, supported by Barnes Cook.

Meeting the team this week was really interesting. There were lots of voices in the room, we established there are needs to extend the service for contractors and also to improve what we already have. Here are some of the key needs identified:

  • Detailed tenancy info within Repairs hub
  • Scheduling appointments between residents and contractors
  • Full list of SOR codes and the ability to manage them
  • Communication within the hub – putting a stop to external emails
  • Remove dependencies with UH

As part of this project, we will also be supporting the wider programme of work to decommission Universal Housing. There are 247 active date tables within UH which gives some idea of the scale of it. Our role will involve a large amount of discovery into UH. We need to find out what information is needed, what isn’t, and what can be merged.

What’s next

  • Discovery
  • User research
  • Upgrades
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