Re-Engineering Hackney Content weeknotes w.c 20/05/19

Our card-sorting with Health and wellbeing and Sports, parks and leisure is now go. Richard Smith has set us up with the online tool Optimal Workshop, which means we can get more people’s take on the reorganisation of these sections. The more really is the merrier with these sorts of exercises. How else will we drown out the crazies who want to call Stonebridge Gardens by its official moniker when we all know it’s the ‘Snake Park’? 

We’re also engaging with Births, deaths and marriages as they’re next to move in with us at www3. There’s no ring yet but you’ll be the first to know. 

With Mal Morris and Gerard Mason’s help, we’ve applied the security certificate to the sub domain and we now have a reassuring https on If you remember, this is where we’re hosting the new pages until the grand finale when it all switches back to plain old www. 

While we’re talking security, Mac Kelany will be doing a scan next week of the architecture; and Sarah Palmer-Edwards will be reviewing our PIA to make sure we’re not making any GDPR howlers. We’ll then start redirecting the existing pages to the new ones on Libraries, archives and culture. 

Gillian Newman has produced an excellent guide to testing website accessibility. There are many tools out there but we used the Chrome extensions Wave and Axe to do a first pass of our pages. They are not a substitute for manual testing but have thrown up some early errors that we can easily fix straight away.

Next week, we’ll be looking at the customer service data that Roger Patel has sent over to see what folks are not doing online. And we’ll be testing Carolina Gaspari’s global and in-page navigation. Mohamed Mulla has now coded anchors and accordions and we’ll start adding that content on relevant pages. Thanks to Nadine Salmon and Bruno Giachero for volunteering for content population. If anyone else wants to help us out with the old lift-and-shift, give Emma O’Reilly a shout.

The Snake Park, E8

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