Re-Engineering Hackney Content weeknotes w.c 03/06/19

We now have a large chunk of Libraries live and on redirect, which means all visitors to these pages are directed to the new site at www3. Take a look. We dare you. 

You can tell us what you think as Hotjar is live and awaiting your call. Proving that (a) our feedback mechanism is working, (b) people want to give feedback and (c) we need a process to pass it to the service. We’re keeping an eye on volume for now. We’ve had 13 responses in 24 hours on the few pages that are live; whereas there’s normally one piece of feedback across the whole site in a week. 

Wider metrics are already being gathered on the website but we’re not entirely convinced they are finding their way to services. We want them to be able to view and understand metrics more easily so data can be used to inform content strategy.  We could just give everyone access to Google Analytics but that’s not going to win us any friends; instead we’re working to see if Google Data Studios can make everyone fall in love with pie charts. We suspect it’s a steep learning curve but it’ll be all downhill once mastered. 

Iain and Alan are busy reviewing and redirecting the rest of Libraries, Culture & Archives and we’ve now got a decent process in place to maintain the flow of pages. Our first helper, Nadine, joins us next week and Emma will be ensuring quality through the production line with her Rough Guide to Content Population. Available soon at all good bookstores.

We’ve been doing more work on merging Health & Wellbeing with Sports, Parks & Leisure this week and, if you haven’t already, please imagine yourselves in our scenarios. Our meeting yesterday with the services has highlighted the need for a third session around the naming of the categories. For example, ‘sport’ puts some off. And not just Spurs fans. Boom boom.

We all enjoyed yesterday’s Time Tree Fertilizer retrospective and gathered useful take-homes from it. Namely, we need to do more usability and accessibility testing; and what’s stopping us is the difficulty in finding recruits and the lack of kit. Carolina is following a lead on accessibility participants and Alan will be plugging social media to gather others. GDS will allow us to use their empathy lab but you’re pretty much left to your own devices with it; a mini-lab here would not go amiss.  

Another outcome of the retro was to establish clearer goals for the week. We are being ultra-Agile in this project as there’s a tight turnaround but acting and reacting in high frequency can leave us in a bit of a spin. Realising it would be nice to have at least one over-arching goal each week, we’ll be agreeing one every Monday.

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