Re-engineering Hackney content weeknotes 15/07/19

Last week was as jam-packed as ever at Team Re-engineering. We had our two content poppers from Skinners Academy join us for the week and we’ve now only got 100 pages left to move from Goss to WordPress. This is largely our new Parks, Sport and Health category, which we’ve had to leave until last due to the reshuffling of the section. Thanks to Bruno and Nadine for all their efforts last week. 

We now need to refocus on search. We don’t have search by keyword on the WordPress template yet so users can only search on the old Goss pages. As a stopgap, we’re going to add the Goss search to the WordPress header. It will only index the old Goss pages but results will link to new pages where the redirects are in place so it shouldn’t feel too clunky to users. We’re not far off implementing WordPress’s in-site search anyway so this is a temporary state of affairs.

Mo has coded the logic and much of the styles for the navigation; we’ve had a play around with it and have a couple of suggestions but it’s looking on point. Meanwhile, Carolina’s started mocking up the Big One: The Homepage. 

Assets have been bothering us a bit this week. It turns out that GDrive is great for PDFs but, where the user needs to interact with the document, it doesn’t cut the mustard. If a user accesses a Word doc on GDrive, they are given the option to ‘Open in Google Docs’ and, if they do, they can then ‘Request access’. We don’t want to be dealing with this. Until we are able to Google the answer or Google implements the answer, we will have to store these files on  WordPress. Not ideal, but not a disaster. 

David came to my rescue last week with a lead re Google Data Studio. I’m now GLA-bound on Thursday to learn all about how to relay those lovely stats to services in Google Data Studio, without going all Bloomberg News on them. 

We’re still trying to recruit for our accessibility testing but, in the meantime, are also investigating Site Improve as an option for automated testing across the whole site. Our friends at the Learning Trust say it’s like having another Editor around so we have high hopes. Not going to bring in snacks though, is it?

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