Re-engineering Hackney content: weeknotes 07/08/19

It’s all about the navigation this week. We did a round of testing, and users were finding it difficult to move between sections. So we’ve worked out a way to have all four levels on the menu, avoiding a left hand navigation and over-reliance on a big ‘menu’ icon. This also means we can go full width and save a whole load of space.

Now we’re trying to speed up the generation of the menu. I also spent the weekend ordering the many, many pages on the menu. It was like the Christmas jigsaw: didn’t want to do it; couldn’t walk past it. 

Real progress is being made on the homepage. Tomorrow, the fab four of Carolina, Gill, Alan and Emma will be setting up shop in London Fields to see if real life people understand what we’ve done with it. We need it to be useful to people but also represent the borough and what we stand for.

We had a demo from Site Improve this morning. This promises to be a handy addition, particularly for accessibility, and we’ll be putting a business case forward to embed it in all our sites.

We’re continuing to look at ways to close the loop between users and services via our Hotjar feedback. As you’d imagine given Parking is our most popular section, we’ve had most feedback on the parking pages. We’ve been in touch with our lovely friends in the service and are thinking together of the best way we can pass on this feedback and how they can best manage it. I’m thinking gleaming dashboard in walnut veneer, currently it’s cut and paste in Google Sheets. We’ll get there. 

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