Re-engineering Hackney content week notes w.c. 17/06/19

This week saw progress on a metrics dashboard using Google Data Studio. Though it takes flexibility to get your head round this tool, others have put their reports online so you can crib them, link to your Google Analytics data and, hey presto, charts that would put the Office of National Statistics to shame. We still need to work out how to get Hotjar feedback in there so let’s not get over-confident.

Recycling and Waste has been on our radar and we chatted through the project with that team. They are keen to use metrics to inform recycling campaigns and track online tasks so we’ve given them direct access to Google Analytics to help achieve this, ahead of the metrics dashboard. 

We also met with Housing Needs and talked through how their content – around the homeless register and homelessness – can be reworked within the scope of this project. We need to shift the message that the homeless register is not a queue but a pool: and those with the greatest need are pulled out, not those who’ve been waiting the longest. Though rewriting content is not within our remit, we can at least reduce the over-reliance on PDFs and put the most critical information in-page.

The recruitment of participants for accessibility research is moving forward. We’ll be sending out questionnaires shortly to potentials so we can understand the issues individuals face and how we can, practically-speaking, carry out the research.

The navigation now moves horizontally instead of vertically. Progress! We’re going with the 80/20 rule so the main coding goals of the week don’t take over and we still have some time to fix the minor layout bugs we all know and love. 

So far, the content team has populated 190 pages and we’ve put 66 of these live. There are 817 pages altogether. We have three more poppers joining us 1 and 8 July and remain confident the cutting and pasting will be done by mid-July. 

We have our service assessment next Wednesday so prepping for that has impacted this week. Most of the team, and the assessors, have not participated before but we’re sure we’ll be able to establish some sort of order on the day. 

Not being a team to let an opportunity go begging, we kicked off our Summer in Hackney side-gig this week. This builds on the Hackney map and will show residents summer-relevant services and activities across the borough. The Hackney map was in need of a user-friendly makeover anyway and the summer spin sets the tone for a rapid turnaround and lifespan. We’ll be updating you on this project with the Data team separately.

Speaking of which, what is that big round yellow thing in the sky? Best go out and see. 

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