Re-engineering Hackney content Show and Tell 02/07/19

Last week saw us baring our souls for a service assessment on the project – we’ll be publishing our Trello board on this shortly so watch this space. Needless to say, it was a collaborative afternoon and it’s always worthwhile to get a second opinion on our work. Thanks to everyone who spared their time for us: Mal, Philippa, Emma and Joanne and Federico Nardini from GDS.

Content population is exploding and Emma has led the poppers team to 430 pages, which is, coincidentally, exactly half way! We have a couple more joiners next week from a local secondary to help out.

We ran a wee workshop on the homepage this week. We looked at other local authority homepages (not just UK but global) and thought about the impression we want to give of Hackney and the council;as well as the user needs that we need to meet. About a third of visits start on the homepage but more people come to the homepage at some point in their journey.

Carolina’s completed a first draft of the search results page and we’re waiting for sign off on the Cabinet and Mayor’s Office pages. And Mo’s big news is the move to Hackney’s AWS account is now complete.

We had a head crush between ourselves to make sure we haven’t made a glaring omission in the project; and have MoSCoW’d our backlog to allocated tasks to before/during/after launch to manage deadlines.

Next week, we’re meeting with the Social Support section this afternoon to talk through their content and open the convo around metrics. And also with the Housing Sales team to understand more about how they might want to revamp their content going forward.

We had our umpteenth show and tell this week with a whirlwind tour through the project. We’re talking fast to keep it under 30 mins so we don’t drag people away from their work for long. They can always linger afterwards, we love a lingerer.
Here are the slides for those who need a double take.

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