Property and Asset Management (PAM) Data Project – Weeknotes 1 w/c 15.07.2019

This is the first set of weeknotes for the PAM Data project and yes, I don’t yet have a better name for it. I tried to verbify by calling it ‘Get accurate PAM data’ but that still doesn’t feel quite right. Answers on a postcard please.

This phase of the project came about as a result of some excellent research carried out by the data and insight team earlier this year.  Through their research they came up with the recommendation that “we invest to expand the LLPG to operate as the central, trusted source of unique references to support our property data schema”. 

During this phase of the PAM Data Project (😬) we will be testing this recommendation to see if the LLPG is something that can become a ‘central trusted source’ for the majority of use cases of PAM data. This is part of a strategic move to make us less dependent on Universal Housing as a source of important data. 

The team is made up of: 

  • myself as a Delivery Manager
  • Lindsey Coulson as the product owner of the LLPG
  • Lisa Stidle working on data strategy
  • Herminia Matheiu and Yash Shah from Housing working as data analysts
  • Liz Harrison as the project sponsor

This project is being run using the scrum methodology, this is the first time that many of the team have worked in this way so I’m really interested in the feedback at retros to know how they find it.

This week we kicked off the prototype / alpha phase with a planning session. Lisa, Liz and Lindsey had worked to produce a backlog and a team board with some hypotheses that this phase should test. We were able to use this to plan our first sprint’s worth of work that we are now working our way through. We will have a show and tell on the 31st of July for those that are interested.

This sprint is focused on researching and agreeing with stakeholders a first pass at the hierarchy of data items: floor, sub block, block and so on. Further to this we are keen to build on the work that multiple teams have done on property data for various projects. If you think that any work you’ve done could feed into this please get in touch.

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