Verification Hub: Weeknotes 17/06/19

Farthest Gate have completed the work to implement VH in front of CI in the test environment and we’ve been carrying out some functional testing. So far, so good – it’s performing as we’d expect (our dummy data is passing and failing where we want it to…see below) and we remain painfully optimistic that we can get it into live by the end of next week…but this is dependent on Farthest Gate deploying to the bridge environment first in the next day or so.

However, Matt has been able to snatch some minutes around the edge of other work to connect our API with ClearCore and we’ve hit some blockers with security certificates. We think this will need a bit of infrastructure support to resolve (as well as time from Matt that we can’t yet guarantee). This is on our ‘must solve’ list – if we can’t resolve it won’t be possible to go live next week.

Thanks are due to Rasit and Phil who have become involved to look at the full CMR for Liberator given the changes we’re making. In effect they’re checking that the changes don’t break anything, that it’s safe to deploy to live and they have sight of all the documentation in case any issues arise.

In the meantime, InfoShare have completed installation of ClearCore 5 in our Live environment. Tom C is now building an internal LLPG gazetteer and changing the VH project configuration so that is ready to load data into the Hub. Steve F has Housing Benefit data and has almost finished automating this as daily update delta files from Council Tax and Housing Bens into the ClearCore data hub.

We’re about to hit holiday season and we’re reaching crunch point for this work – we’re 80% of the way through this work but it will require some focused support from the whole project team to get it over the line.

Creating a Job Description Register weeknotes – Week commencing 10/06/2019

Good afternoon all,

This week:

  • As part of one our User Research activities, we’ve contacted other councils to find out and understand their Job Evaluation process and how they store/manage their Job Descriptions. We have received a good response from the councils and they are willing to work with us. We’ll be collecting this information through phone interviews.
  • Ahead of these phone calls, we have prepared some questions to ask the councils with different scenarios: ownership, control, access, storage, versioning etc.
  • We have started working on the end of the discovery phase checklist to ensure we’ve met the objectives of a discovery phase. The checklist is based on the Hackney Agile Life cycle.

Next week:

  • We’ll analyse the information collated from other council and learn what they are doing better.
  • We will be working with Rahma Mohamed who will assess the work we have done so far from the service design point of view and provide suggestions on the next phase of the project.

Thank you for reading.

Manage Arrears Weeknotes: w.c. 10.6.2019

This week began with our Manage Arrears Service Standard Assessment, which took place on Monday. We met all standards, apart from two which were ‘Partially Met’. The critique received on these was valid and the recommendations for improvement will be taken on-board. The two partially met standards were;

Criteria 2 “Ensure a suitably skilled, sustainable multidisciplinary team, led by a senior service manager with decision making responsibility, can design, build and improve the service”.

Criteria 8 “Test the end-to-end service”.

I would like to thank all of our participants for their commitment, preparation and for really engaging during the session. A special thanks to Trish Hadden who stood in for our Product Owner at the short notice and many thanks to Faisal Gajia for joining the panel as our external assessor from Newham. Faisal mentioned it is nice to see organisations take time to review their products and services and that this is something he will share with Newham. The complete version of the assessment will be circulated shortly.

This week we also facilitated a Priority Scoring workshop with the Income Collection Team. The Income Collection team have a clear vision of how they would prefer their cases to be ordered and as a by-product, we identified a few extra opportunities for automation.

Bugs: Concerns were raised by +Rashmi Shetty’s team this week in relation to the congestion caused by the Income Collection API. It was affecting other services which were trying to query the DB such as production Repairs API. We arranged for Made Tech to refactor the code on Manage Arrears application and deployed it to Live earlier today.

This bug also had an impact on Leasehold Service sending their letters on Thursday. They are now due to complete their next run of approx 800 letters on Monday.

Next week: Our Manage Arrears focus is phase three’s business case.