Extending Repairs Hub to RCC Agents

It’s been 4 weeks since Repairs Hub went live in the RCC with agents raising new repairs and answering queries about existing repairs. Agents have successfully used it to raise more than 800 new repairs. In the last month we have had the chance to add improvements based on the initial feedback from RCC agents.

Key improvements include:
– ability to cancel repairs
– improved cautionary contact alerts
– improved workflow with a direct link from the NCC app to Repairs Hub
– support for additional SOR codes (including ‘out of hours’ codes)
– resolved a bug concerning priorities in DRS
– adding name of officer who raised the repair
– limiting repair description to 250 characters (to make sure everything goes through to DRS)

We are also currently finishing work on:
– adding multiple SOR codes (DLO only)
– tagging a repair as ‘recharge’

Re-engineering Hackney content Show and Tell 02/07/19

Last week saw us baring our souls for a service assessment on the project – we’ll be publishing our Trello board on this shortly so watch this space. Needless to say, it was a collaborative afternoon and it’s always worthwhile to get a second opinion on our work. Thanks to everyone who spared their time for us: Mal, Philippa, Emma and Joanne and Federico Nardini from GDS.

Content population is exploding and Emma has led the poppers team to 430 pages, which is, coincidentally, exactly half way! We have a couple more joiners next week from a local secondary to help out.

We ran a wee workshop on the homepage this week. We looked at other local authority homepages (not just UK but global) and thought about the impression we want to give of Hackney and the council;as well as the user needs that we need to meet. About a third of visits start on the homepage but more people come to the homepage at some point in their journey.

Carolina’s completed a first draft of the search results page and we’re waiting for sign off on the Cabinet and Mayor’s Office pages. And Mo’s big news is the move to Hackney’s AWS account is now complete.

We had a head crush between ourselves to make sure we haven’t made a glaring omission in the project; and have MoSCoW’d our backlog to allocated tasks to before/during/after launch to manage deadlines.

Next week, we’re meeting with the Social Support section this afternoon to talk through their content and open the convo around metrics. And also with the Housing Sales team to understand more about how they might want to revamp their content going forward.

We had our umpteenth show and tell this week with a whirlwind tour through the project. We’re talking fast to keep it under 30 mins so we don’t drag people away from their work for long. They can always linger afterwards, we love a lingerer.
Here are the slides for those who need a double take.

Submit My Planning Application weeknotes – Week commencing 01/07/2019

Hello all,

Welcome to Submit my Planning Application weeknotes. 

For more general updates, continue to check our project site; showing all the great stuff we’re doing and key information about the project. Alongside the project site, also be sure to check out our blog post. 


A joint thank you to Rashmi and Emma H. Rashmi for constantly giving time towards helping us understand what we need to know, as their work will affect our project. And Emma for ensuring that these conversations with Rashmi are still happening and that the learning from it is shared with the rest of the team.

What we did this week:

  • Finalised data structure for materials 
  • Finished work that allows us to get application data out of the service
  • Created a secure way to authenticate users so that user data won’t be compromised during login
  • Shared integration document with Tascomi
  • Completed linking an application to a single account so that you will only ever see your own applications
  • Created draft copy for different emails that’ll be automatically sent to Users when interacting with the service, known as transactional emails 
  • Continued with testing 
  • Tested whether the data submitted from the front end, comes up in the back end so that the data can be used at a later stage 
  • Continue working on the submit form because we’ve identified and are fixing bugs 

We have made progress on storing user details in their accounts

What’s next:

  • Making a decision on a payment provider, either Civica ePay or GovUK Pay
  • The URL for our service has been chosen and now we will work with the Hackney Infrastructure team to implement it 
  • We’re working on the reporting metrics and how we will gather those

What are we keeping an eye on?

  • Integrating with Tascomi 
  • Address API 


  • None this week

Thanks for reading!

Planning Applications Team

(AKA Emma H, Andy B, Andy E, Ana, Matthew T, Nic).

Talent Acquisition Weeknotes: w/c 1.7.19

The Talent Acquisition Discovery is a new project which commenced this week. It is a small internal project, which will help us think about how we can successfully recruit high quality staff.

Why are we doing it?

We want to build in-house capability so we have more operational flexibility and reduce cost. We face many challenges when recruiting, these include;

  • Matching supply and demand
  • Competing with other local authorities and private sector companies for high-quality candidates
  • Practitioners preconceptions of working for local government

What has been done so far…

  • Started by meeting with a few managers to understand how they recruit in our department
  • Gathered statistics from HR on recent ICT adverts.
  • Mapped the recruitment process for Contractors and Permanent/ Fixed term contract staff.

Findings so far …

  • Generally, ICT recruit in response to an increase in demand, someone leaving, or because a position is hard to fill.
  • Due to the nature of our projects recruitment is often reactive opposed to planned.
  • It maybe useful to consider a hiring plan to manage the ongoing demand more effectively.
  • It maybe useful to have a Programme Lead with oversight on all projects. E.g. Someone who can challenge the need for a resource, forward think and support the allocation and demand for new and existing resources.

What’s next?

  • Exploring the option of a HackIT hiring plan
  • Talking through options with Senior Management