Printing @ Hackney weeknotes – wc 27/01/2020

The existing Xerox MFD contract is coming to an end and a project is underway to start planning the move to shiney new Canon devices from March 2020. But the project isn’t just about replacing like for like – the Council wants to print less as it’s better for the environment, more convenient for most people and keeps information safer.

We want to make sure teams are only printing where there isn’t a better way of doing a thing (e.g. accessing meeting documents using Chromebooks/iPads rather than on paper, communicating with our residents via SMS and email rather than by letter) and where things do need to be printed then we want to ensure that professional print services (the Council’s Print Unit) are used where it makes sense.

Project team:

Tony Gallagher – Product Owner
Sachin Rai – Supporting Delivery Manager
Steve Addison – Procurement/Contract Lead
Alexey Tyurin – Technical Architect
John Boateng – Service Support
Hidayat Deen – Lead Delivery Apprentice
Arfan Nawazish – Fleet Copier and Print Support Officer

What we’ve done this sprint:

  • In relation to testing, we’ve discovered more issues and things to consider. We’ve realised that there are issues with printing, especially from different devices such as Android.
  • Now that the POC testing has been completed, we’ve now shared the results as a team and have discussed the common issues.
  • We had a team testing session along with Jas and Paul from Hackney Learning Trust.
  • We’ve had a catch up with Libraries to know exactly what devices are public facing or staff ones. Yvonne has shared a list of devices that’s in the libraries, which has helped us identify what’s in scope for the project.
  • We’ve met up with Jackie and Eko from Contracts & Procurement to understand the support tasks and the current issues they face whilst supporting the existing Xerox contract.
  • The user guide script has been revised after rolling it out to other test users, with the aim of it being more useful with using less words.


  • Although the contract has been drafted, the fleet design (i.e. what devices will go where) needs to be ironed out. We’re in the final stages of discussion on this with Canon and hope to have it agreed over the next sprint

Next sprint:

  • We’re continuing our work with libraries, liaising with them as to how many devices there should be in each library
  • We’re going to share our testing results with Canon, to make them aware of the issues we’ve faced with the POC device
  • We’re going to meet up with Facilities Management, to understand their support process. We were supposed to meet up but had to reschedule
  • There are a few uncertainties in regards to printing rules, so we’re going to have conversations with Canon to understand what restrictions are possible (e.g. max pages per print job, maximum pages per user per day) are possible so we can make decisions on what to put in place
  • With Google Cloud Print ceasing to exist at the end of this year, we’re thinking ahead of how this will affect printing and our potential contingency plan. Canon are confident they will have an alternative solution in place by then but we need to understand the worst case scenario
  • Once uncertainties have been ironed out, we hope to sign off the POC and contract so we can order our first lot of devices

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