Printing @ Hackney weeknotes – WC 03/02/2020

The existing Xerox MFD contract is coming to an end and a project is underway to start planning the move to shiney new Canon devices from March 2020. But the project isn’t just about replacing like for like – the Council wants to print less as it’s better for the environment, more convenient for most people and keeps information safer.

We want to make sure teams are only printing where there isn’t a better way of doing a thing (e.g. accessing meeting documents using Chromebooks/iPads rather than on paper, communicating with our residents via SMS and email rather than by letter) and where things do need to be printed then we want to ensure that professional print services (the Council’s Print Unit) are used where it makes sense.

Project team: 

Tony Gallagher – Product Owner

Ollie Parrish – Delivery Lead

Sachin Rai – Supporting Delivery Manager

Steve Addison – Procurement/Contract Lead

Alexey Tyurin – Technical Architect

John Boateng – Service Support

Hidayat Deen – Lead Delivery Apprentice 

Arfan Nawazish – Fleet Copier and Print Support Officer

What we’ve done this sprint:  

  • Myself and Arfan met with Roger Patel to get a further understanding of his teams printing needs. We cross checked our MFD fleet design against Roger’s request for where we will be placing the shiny new Canon devices. Roger also asked some interesting questions that we’ve popped back to Canon. 
  • Ollie, Arfan and Tony did a final check over the core campus against the MFD fleet design and since then have discovered a few differences with our data about existing print volumes that have had to be urgently worked through. As a result, some changes were made to the fleet design. 
  • Jas and Paul from Hackney Learning Trust have continued working with us by adding in more feedback they have from testing with the POC device. 
  • At the moment there isn’t a definitive answer around whether the public devices in libraries are in scope for the project, as there is wider work taking place to look at public IT services in libraries. We’ve started to carry out some work out to look at the potential fleet design for public libraries devices in case the decision is to put them into scope.
  • Alexey has been working with Mal on planning a new Cloud Solution deployment on legacy windows and mac environments. 
  • Whilst the fleet design is pretty much finalised for the majority of sites there are 25 locations where we need to check in with the teams based there to make sure some of our assumptions are correct. We’ve spent some time planning how we’ll go about doing this

Blockers:  No blockers this week!

Next sprint:  

  • Reporting and solving issues in the POC issues log is an ongoing task that Canon is focusing on. So that the user experience when printing with these devices, is as smooth as possible. 
  • We’ll be paying visits to the smaller sites, so that we understand and validate their user needs. We want to make sure all users are focused on, it’s easy to focus on the core campus as they contain almost more than half the MFDs. 
  • There is a need around defining the end to end support processes, so conversations between IT Service Support and the Print team will be happening. To help with this, we have acquired and are still gathering the current support tasks we carry out. This is a result of the current issues we’re facing when interacting with the Xerox devices. 
  • We’re planning to move our POC device down to the atrium Ground floor in the HSC. But before doing so, we will need to do some sort of handover to Roger and the team. 
  • Once uncertainties have been ironed out, we hope to sign off the POC and contract so we can order our first lot of devices. 
  • We need to start some form of staff wide communication regarding the roll out. This could be in the form of info boards (screens around the HSC) and an initial email for non campus staff, which should be updated weekly.
  • A sustainability statement around the reduction of our carbon footprint and a firm wide understanding of the impact of MFD, Print, reduction needs to be agreed on, including how Canon are responsible for collecting and recycling of empty toners, waste packaging, spare parts. All in accordance with the  Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. Also how we are going to influence user print behaviour and introduce best practices to reduce costs.

That’s all from us this week, thank you for reading!

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