Platform APIs weeknotes, 9 September 2020

This week has been all about integrations, knitting together all the code we’ve built over the last few weeks. 

The Authorisation API is done, following a few tweaks after testing – including one that would actually make it work in production (*cough*). But this is why we test – to check our hypotheses and make sure code does what we intend it to do. And now it does, and well. 

The Authoriser has been integrated with the Academy API, the Cautionary Alerts API, and the Tenancy Info API. Of course, there are more APIs to do, but these were our priority ones for Manage a Tenancy. Speaking of that project, the work to integrate the Cautionary Alerts API is done, though we’ve hit a slight bump with the Tenancy Info API. We’ve needed to make a couple of small changes to Single View and it should be OK soon.

The Contact Details API has also come along well, with the endpoints tested and a little remedial work done on pagination. Although it doesn’t read like a lot, a huge amount of work has been done and the team is working quickly again. All of this work has been a genuine cross-team effort. 

We’ve also been able to start two new pieces of work. First is the refresh of the API Hub. The API Hub is the vehicle for how services find and connect to an API, and it absolutely needs to be updated to account for not just the new APIs, but the Authoriser and Data Contracts. 

Mirela has kicked this work off with a short investigation into its current functionality and we had a workshop yesterday to talk about what improvements we’d like to see. Most of the improvements are around token management – that is, how users are authorised to connect to the API – and user authentication. We will also have some technical investigations into the workflow needed for Data Contracts. 

The second piece of work is on the Academy database. We’re already consuming the contact details from the Housing Benefit part of the database, and now we want to take the same data from the Council Tax part. People who pay Council Tax are not always in receipt of council-maintained benefits, and may also not be resident in the borough, so this could add a lot of new data. 

Finally, we’ve updated our roadmap again. Do have a look and if you have any questions, leave a comment. 

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