Platform APIs weeknotes, 29 July 2020

It feels like it’s been a slightly quieter week; maybe my return has sufficiently unsettled the team 😁 That said, some really interesting work has been done. 

Work has started on the Contact Details API. This is being done from scratch, though based on what we learned during the discovery about the NCC CRM. CRM is the system used by our Contact Centre, and contains a set of email addresses and phone numbers for our residents. These are sometimes different from what’s in the main housing database, so it’s important to have them. The API and database have been designed by Bukky, Emma, and Humairaa, and work on the API endpoints is now under way.

We’ve continued to do integration work with Single View. The Search and Fetch functions now use our Academy API rather than connecting directly to the Academy database; a period of parallel running proved successful. This means that when a Single View user searches for a resident, the information they see retrieved from Academy is via the new API and mirror database. 

There’s been a reasonable amount of optimisation done as well. Mirela has investigated how to manage indexes in the databases; this will make lookups faster, but where they have been applied so far it’s been a manual process. She has also looked at whether we need to add more alerting to DMS following an unexpected fatal error – which we experienced last week. We’ve agreed that this is an unnecessary step as it’s a bit of an edge case. 

We’ve carried over quite a bit of work into the new sprint, mostly relating to the Authorisation API I mentioned last week (watch the last Show & Tell for more details). This isn’t a huge issue really; it can and will happen that a team won’t complete all of the work planned. We also have quite a few people off during the new sprint and we think this will be a good amount of work to complete. Check back next week to see if I’m right. 

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