Platform APIs weeknotes, 24 June 2020

Well we tried for a quieter week… Did we get it? I’m not sure, though the team seemed to be positive about how things have gone – and that’s a good metric. Again, in terms of pure tasks completed, we smashed things out of the park. We completed 17 tasks and carried over only a small number of tickets in progress. 

Seventeen tasks is good, but what does that mean? Well we’ve finished our work (for now) on Mosaic, Academy (apart from syncing), and vulnerabilities, and we’ve made a good start on Housing. But even that hides some significant achievements of the team. 

Take Academy. I’ve said before about how it’s our most complex data source. It’s an Ingres database, unusual in Hackney, and we had concerns over how we would sync our Postgres cloud mirror. Mirela led an investigation into our options, and – as so often in technology – the most effective solution was the simplest. We’ll just take a new copy via DMS, triggered by a little bit of code we’ve written in AWS. We’re going to write a mini-playbook on the data migration approaches we’re using and look forward to sharing that with you. 

Our future vision is also coming along nicely. We had a couple of workshops in the last week to work out how the high-level Resident Information platform API should look and behave. For example, how do we deal with data conflicts? Should linking be done automatically or by users? Understandably we have more work to do here, but we have views forming – such as, keep it simple. We’ve also sketched out how we think the different APIs could interact with each other and our thinking is still evolving here. 

It’ll start getting very real soon – next week we’ll have designed and started to build the high-level API for testing on a use case. Enthusiasm in the team is high and our retro yesterday was positive. We’re in a good place. 

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