Platform APIs weeknotes, 16 September 2020

I’ve been off for a few days but the team has been absolutely smashing through the work; thanks to Paul for standing in for me and keeping the plates spinning. While I’ve been away, some Very Big Things have been done (I’m not taking that as a hint).

First, the Tenancy Info API has been integrated with Manage a Tenancy. This means they are now using two of the APIs we’ve built (Tenancy Info and Cautionary Alerts) and it means that all the tenancy information they present to staff comes from our source. There should be more of this coming in the next few months. 

Second, the Resident Vulnerability API is finally in production, thanks to Daro in Data & Insight. We had delayed this for other priorities in that team, so it’s good to get it up and running. It’s not quite ready for use though; the sensitive nature of the data means we need to have our data contracts and authorisation processes agreed, so we’ve arranged a couple of workshops with the right people. 

Third, the lambda authoriser has been integrated with four more APIs – Contact Details, Housing, Mosaic, and Resident Information. This is an important part of ensuring the data can only be used in a proper way by the right people. 

Fourth, work on adding council tax data into the Academy API is well under way. The endpoints have been designed and the View endpoint has been built; the List endpoint, enabling searching, will follow very shortly. 

Last – by no means least – the Token Authoriser API has really come along. There are now endpoints to retrieve enabled and disabled tokens; and because we don’t want to delete a token, to update a token’s enabled/disabled state. There’s more to do, of course, but this means we’re in a good place to start work on the refresh of the API Hub, which will include this functionality. 

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