One Team Gov Hackney : Making it a regular thing

We had a second meet up for One Team Gov Hackney today. We’re going to make it a monthly session and look forward to involving more of our colleagues in our discussions.

We must be doing something right as we had a number of people returning from our first meeting as well as a variety of new people – including some from areas of the Council that hadn’t attended previously.

We ran a lean coffee session again and this time focused on “building an Agile community of practice” and “how can we end projects well”. As well as excellent discussions we had two volunteers who went away with concrete actions. One to look into building a Hackney Agile community and the other to investigate whether future management trainees could each use user research techniques to investigate a set of previous Council projects to look for common insights (both good and bad).

Our Trello board is open with suggested and discussed topics, as well as our session mini-retrospective feedback.

We’ll let you know how the next session goes!

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